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Got a call from 305-508-5149? Did this number call you? If yes, leave your comment/complaint below.


Flag as SpamCJ - on May 31, 2017
They call all the time. I don't answer. BTW, the IRS NEVER calls. They'll send you a letter. Nor do they threaten you with arrest.

Flag as SpamNichole - on March 18, 2017
Received a voicemail stating that I needed to call back right away or risk having a warrant issued and subsequent arrest.
Caller: IRS
Flag as SpamMelB - on March 14, 2017
Left an automated message saying they'll arrest me. Not sure for what though. I blocked the number for future.

Flag as SpamKathy - on March 13, 2017
I got this call and a man said he was Jenny Wilson and he was from the IRS and if I didn't call then back, they would be turning this over to the sheriff dept. for a warrant for my arrest
Caller: IRS
Flag as SpamKay - on March 9, 2017
a man called stating his name was Jenny Wilson and I needed to call back before they contacted my police dept. in my city; they were from the IRS; threat of being arrested
Caller: IRS
Flag as SpamAmanda B - on March 9, 2017
Left voicemail stating that they were the IRS and I needed to call back immediately
Caller: IRS
Flag as SpamAlejandrina Johnson - on March 9, 2017
I got a phone cal from this number 305-58-5149. a man by the name of Jenny left me a message that I needed to contact them because they had a warrant for my arrest. I called and a guy answer. WHen I started questioning him he hung up
Caller: IRS
Flag as SpamPeggy Viator - on February 10, 2017
Got a call stated she was Nacy from the IRS for me to call back ri was gonna be arrested
Caller: Stated they where IRS
Flag as SpamCrystal Thompson - on February 9, 2017
Got a voicemail from this number 305-508-5149 today stating I had a case with the IRS and there was going to be a warrant for my arrest. Ladies name was Nancy. I attempted to contact number back a man answered when I asked for Nancy he hung up. When I tried calling back it said they weren't accepting calls from my number.
Caller: Apparently IRS
Flag as Spam - on February 9, 2017
Stated she had a warrant for my arrest re my unpaid taxes
Caller: IRS
Flag as SpamMegan - on January 18, 2017
Lvm that they were irs and i needed to contact them or a warrant would be put out for my arrest

Flag as SpamMe - on January 4, 2017
Left message stating that there is a warrant for my arrest rom the IRS. SPAM for sure

Flag as SpamGloria - on January 4, 2017
IRS who has a warrant for my arrest, I told them to go FO.
Caller: IRS
Flag as SpamTracie - on January 4, 2017
Said they were IRS and I owed money
Caller: IRS
Flag as SpamRob - on January 4, 2017
HAHAHA... I owe the IRS?! Scammers

Flag as SpamJudy - on January 4, 2017
I called this number several times because i knew it was a fraud. They kept hanging up on me when i asked them questions. Finally one lady said her name was Jessica Willams and ever gave me an ID#..said I owed $855 from 2014 taxes..I asked her how she knew that when she never asked me my name..she told me her computer was MAGIC and told her..

Flag as SpamTanya - on January 4, 2017
Said they was from the IRS

Flag as SpamTanya Hudson - on January 4, 2017
I got the same message. warrant for my arrest and irs.

Flag as SpamAnita Venable - on January 4, 2017
said there is a arrest warrant out for me and to call them ASAP
Caller: IRS
Flag as Spamjennifer garganeous - on January 3, 2017
They said they are the irs

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