is a database of user submitted reports of unsolicited callers. If you receive a call from a number you do not recognize, look it up in our directory. You can learn if the caller was a telemarketer, political surveyor, blatant spammer, or just a wrong number.

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Quiero saber de quien es la linea

Posted by Jose A rodriguez - 10 hours ago



Posted by John setterson - 16 hours ago


Posted by - 17 hours ago



Posted by ricklester - 18 hours ago


do not know this phone number and no voice message was left

Posted by Cliff Campbell - 20 hours ago


Didn't know who this was, keeps calling and does not leave a message.

Posted by - 22 hours ago


collection.... they call and hang up... or if they talk, they harass you.

Posted by Laurie - 22 hours ago


possible airline scammer

Posted by Mike - 1 day ago


Have received calls from this number several times. I do not answer unknown caller.

Posted by M. Winter - 2 days ago


I am on the national do not call list

Posted by william signorile - 2 days ago


They are scamming trying to get money out of people

Posted by teebee - 2 days ago


fake call

Posted by John - 2 days ago


Called late at night. Did not answer but let it go to answering machine. They left no message. Very suspicious call as not familiar with this number and called late at night.

Posted by Anita - 2 days ago


Fuck niggers

Posted by Dick - 3 days ago


Texting my man

Posted by Layla - 3 days ago


Posted by Private - 3 days ago


Posted by - 4 days ago


Met on Zoosk

Posted by Stacy Butler - 4 days ago


answered and got unintelligible person. SCAMMER ALERT>

Posted by chasmblvdo - 4 days ago


Posted by - 4 days ago


Posted by - 4 days ago


This time they are going to take me to court.

Posted by Arnita Lewis - 4 days ago


this phone number is trying to scam me, I dont know if is a she or a he, but is telling me to Alfred Michael Ebuka from Nigeria, city Ikeja, state Lagos zip code 43201

Posted by jorge - 5 days ago


Called late at night one ring hung up. Check number online people say it's a scammer. Reporting it. Thanks

Posted by J. T. - 5 days ago



Posted by Jack - 5 days ago


I inquired about a moving quote online from several companies and Best Interstate Moving and Storage has been calling me several times a day to sell me their services. When I blocked their number, I started getting calls from this one. Although the Google search suggests it is a legal office, the moving company is using this number. I have asked them to stop calling, will follow up with a complaint if they continue to call.

Posted by Loren - 5 days ago


Real company?

Posted by Nicole - 5 days ago


They are harassing me and I need to know who

Posted by Daniel Allrutz - 5 days ago


A Hitler talk me

Posted by Brandon - 5 days ago


Spouting crap about a fully paid vacation.

Posted by Jay - 5 days ago


Wondering who's calling mr

Posted by Kristine gibbons - 5 days ago


Don't answer,no message left

Posted by The Grabczyk's - 6 days ago


2 missed calls on 01/12/2017: 4:52 pm and 4:54 pm

Posted by Tim Morgan - 6 days ago


Music background

Posted by Mike - 6 days ago


Play music and doesn't answer

Posted by Mike - 6 days ago


They keep calling and hunging up

Posted by Cody zieseniss - 6 days ago


Got a hang-up from this number, but when you try to call the number back, it goes right to busy. Suspected scammer!

Posted by Helena - 6 days ago


leave me alone

Posted by - 6 days ago


Posted by - 6 days ago


Posted by - 6 days ago


Calling at work

Posted by Eric - 6 days ago


An unknown caller left a picture of a back porch deck of a house, but no message.

Posted by Chuckie - 6 days ago


I received 4 back to back phone calls from this idiot who calls himself Anthony James calling from William Dubois Office. The number 714-415-3613 comes up on caller id as Western Dental. I have never used Western Dental. This idiot lets me know the time and date and states that it stamped and the attorney William Dubois has a criminal file on me AND ADVISES ME TO CONTACT THEM IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. William Dubois will be going forward and that I have been notified. He also references a Case #CRTxxxxxxx-CA number(actual number's x'd out). These people are CREEPY and the have STARLTED ME. I told the idiot Anthony James.. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER EVER AGAIN... DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER EVER AGAIN.. I repeated it several times and then he took and called my cell number 3x and my house number 2x.. Caller: Anthony James w/William Dubois Office

Posted by Teresa - 1 week ago


I keep getting alls vir. Diedra personw no owesmthem money & or is in some legal diffugalty.. each time I tell them I am not, in fact, her do not know her and she will never get the message. I begged them to stop when my mother was dying... To no avail.

Posted by - 1 week ago


Recorded call selling vacation package.

Posted by Dennis - 1 week ago


Posted by Angie young - 1 week ago


Calls all the time never leaves message

Posted by Fred wittek - 1 week ago


Posted by - 1 week ago


Someone keeps calling, but they don't say anything. They did call one time and whoever it was did say my name. Their exact words were "Well hello Linda" then they hung up. Would like to know how they knew my name. It sounded like a woman's voice.

Posted by Linda - 1 week ago


he call at all hours with obsene picturs and messages

Posted by - 1 week ago